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Our Enterprise Wireless Solutions offer you the freedom to connect to your corporate network from any mobile compatible device. We offer you connectivity that provides unmatched reliability, scalability and peace of mind -transforming your business into a more productive, efficient and profitable organisation. Sonar Technologies strives to deliver innovative IT solutions with a round the clock technical support team.

Enterprise wireless solutions and site surveys use tools such as Air-Magnet to establish the total number and locations of Access Ports required in a warehouse, factory floor, carpeted areas such as offices or any retail store which needs to be wirelessly enabled. A written report is presented depicting the locations where the Access Ports are to be installed.

Why Choose Sonar’s Range of Enterprise Wireless Solutions?

Sonar’s IT team holds in-depth experience of the issues and the complexity of network issues faced by businesses. Our support team is are available round the clock to troubleshoot, assist in set up, answer general questions, and are highly proactive in their approach towards our clients.

Our IT team takes care of monitoring, updating, performing patching services, ensuring that your company’s network is operating securely, efficiently, and that no crucial data is lost. If any setbacks in these areas are observed, they are addressed as soon as possible and solutions (remote and non-remote) are implemented following the client’s approval.

If you are planning to upscale your business, our IT team is willing to provide a consult about specific scenarios e.g. covering to Microsoft Office 365, our team has answers to all your questions and doubts.

Mobile Device Management

What is Enterprise Wireless Solutions

In a generation where companies are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless technology, it is absolutely important to innovate enterprise wireless solutions.

Special Features

  • Configuration and proactive maintenance that collectively provide the world’s most tech savvy organizations with optimum network performance


Please contact Sonar for mobile devices by Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Advantech, and Panasonic.

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Based in Sydney with offices in USA and India, Sonar specializes in providing smart solutions for mobile task and resource management to businesses in field service, logistics & supply chain, assets management and healthcare in both Government and Private Sectors. We have a strong distribution team with a global reach through our direct sales and distribution offices and a network of technology partners serving over 200 sites worldwide.


Sonar  provides smart solutions in field service, transport and logistics, supply chain & asset management and healthcare. We work witha range of  industries such as Transport, Hospital, Telecommunications, Mining, Warehousing and a lot more. Have a look:  


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