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  Asset Management Software  

Visual assets by Sonar Technologies is an advanced asset management software that enables users to locate assets at various locations during different times, including maintenance, multitasking. Costing, stocktaking, and job generation.

Asset Management Software

Why is Sonar’s Asset Management Software Unique?

Visual-Assets give rise to new ways of visually locating, positioning, and identifying any managed asset. In this context an asset can be a part of a fence, gate, door, window, desk, truck, driver, distribution dock, fax machine, fire extinguisher and bait trap; in fact, anything that is of interest to an organization.

Asset Tracking Software


Asset Management Software


Visual- Assets serves as flexible asset management software that can easily integrate to any business model, and can be used in parallel to Trans-Send, the core module of our task and resource management for transport and logistics.

Main Features    

  • All devices can be synced with history and current assets    
  • An item can be located on an asset screen with the help of business rules and tool    
  • Complete maintenance history and the lifecycle management of the assets    
  • Integration of barcode scanners or RFID reader into the Mobile Data Terminals helps in linking assets to the map and drawing locations when the item is read    
  • Maps and diagrams can be scanned in and may be of any complexity from mud maps to scale drawings


What makes this Asset Management Software Superior?

Visual-Assets offers a significant and quick return-on-investment (ROI) through cost savings and efficiency along with business advantages.



Asset Management Software


Practical Benefits

  • People make faster decisions using graphics rather than lists of text; therefore, saving time.

  • Visual Assets is designed to be used with minimum training and can be used by staff with all levels of skill

  • Using diagrams leads to greater accuracy in locating assets which makes it possible to send staff to a site that they have never been to before and easily locate the assets

  • By referring to the diagrams, the best way to visit the assets on an inspection can be worked out to save time


Please contact Sonar for mobile devices by Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Advantech, and Panasonic.

Sonar Technologies

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Based in Sydney with offices in USA and India, Sonar specializes in providing smart solutions for mobile task and resource management to businesses in field service, logistics & supply chain, assets management and healthcare in both Government and Private Sectors. We have a strong distribution team with a global reach through our direct sales and distribution offices and a network of technology partners serving over 200 sites worldwide.


Sonar  provides smart solutions in field service, transport and logistics, supply chain & asset management and healthcare. We work witha range of  industries such as Transport, Hospital, Telecommunications, Mining, Warehousing and a lot more. Have a look:  


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